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 I had my bad vacation in 2002 in Yalta in Crimea. I've ever wanted to visit this place, because I read a lot of wonderful books about Yalta, watched nice films and heard attractive topics about that place. But we didn't lucky in this trip. The weather was bad - it was windy, rainy and cloudy. The hotel was awful - dirty, uncomfortable, with old ugly design. Also we had a car park view in our room. The food was very strange. Different dishes had a similar taste and smell. But the service was worst, it was terrible everywhere - in the hotel, in restaurants, on the beach. We were very happy to leave this place.

 I read the artical about people who love cats or dogs. The auther says that these two type of people has different personal qualities. Cats people are more introversion and calm, they love to stay at home, read, cook, do puzzles. Dods people are extraversion, they have a lot of friends, they are ougoing and love to go to the parties. I think it's true only as a theory, because many people have a cat and a dog, and I saw some peole with dogs who were very shy and quiet.

 We bought a fire screen, but we don't have a fireplace in our flat. Why do we need this thing? It's funny, but we use the fire screen as a board between the room and the balcony. Our cat likes to run into the balcony. He also likes to jump and to hunt birds and insects. We afraid that he could jump down from the balcony, but it's dangerous, because we live on the fourth floor. So we have the new fire screen and could to have our balcony opened without nervousness about the cat.

 Tasha Tudor was a very unusual woman. She lived in America in 20 th -beginning of 21th century, but she lived as she was in Victorian era.

Tasha weared long srirts, Victorian blouses. She prepared her own soap, baked bread, made cheese and butter and did all things for daily life. She had four children and reard them alone, because this life was difficult for her husband and they divorced. She needed the money, so she wrote the tail stores, painted the pictures and published the books of recipies of Victorian dishes. As a result, her children inherited two million dollars.

Tasha Tudor had a long happy life. I think it's a fabulous example of slow life style, which is so attractive in current life.

 I like summer, it's a very pleasant season. I remember the words from the one song "Summer is a small life" and I agree with these words. The days are so long, we have a lot of time for the job and for the rest. The nights are warm and romantic, they are full of sweet smells, quiet sounds and special mood - lover and tender. It's pitty, that the summer in Russia runs too fast. But we can wait for the next summer.

 I think the compliments are different in various cultures. For example, American may say to coworker "It's a fabulous suit. Was it expensive?", but Russian never ask this question. It's a taboo topic to ask about the cost of clothes in Russia. It's impolitely and improperly. You can ask about the cost of the car, the house or the redecorating a flat, but not about the clothes. It possible for close friends only.

 My cat is an amazing pet! He is so cute, playful and funny. He loves hunting and he does it all day long. He also likes sightseeing in our flat, so we can find him in boxes, shelves, cupboards. He is very attractive, he has a short but soft fur and big round orange eyes. His ears are small and twisted. I think he is the most beautiful cat in the world :)

 I like designer clothes. I prefer official suits by Paul Smith. It seems as he sews his things special for me. They suits and fits me. I love nice lining of his clothes, it has unusual gorgeous colours. For my casual days I buy clothes by young designers. They make crazy things with different strange elements and it's lovely.

 I had a vacation in a gorgeous place last summer. This place called Castle Combe and it avowed as the most beautiful village of England. I agree with this estimation. This is a very small village which was built in 15 century, quiet and relaxing. I'd like to live in such place in my old life.

 Baggy jeans is a mystery for me. I've never seen a person who looks great in that jeans' model. All people look untidy and silly in them, but all fashion magazines write about "boyfriend's jeans" as a very trendy and smart clothes. I think it's a criminal conspiracy of the designers.

 I think procrastination is a very harmful habit. You can't do anything, because you think you could do it whenever later. But you wait, wait and wait. The big piece of your life is finished, but you did nothing. At the end of your life you could be poor, sick and alone because you didn't have wish enough to change this situation.

 Visa and Master Card left the Russia. I think about the consequences of this decision for my usual life. I won't to pay with card in the Internet, in the shops. I will have the big problems with my journey abroad. It's not a good decision and I'm very upset about it.

 Today is the first really hot day in this year. The temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius, the sun shines, the sky is blue without any clouds. There are a lot of dandelions between the grass on the grass-plots. The smell of lilac is around you in the downtown. That is the first summer day in the end of the spring.

 Meryl Streep is a great actress! She can to be different in playing of variouse characters, but she is gorgeous in all of them. It seems me a genious. She is never try to be good-looking, but she is always perfect. She may be clown, queen, girl-next-door, whomever you likes, but she will be beautiful, intelligence and she will be herself.

I don't like news because I have two reasons for this position.

At first, the news are mean the changes, but I don't like the changes. I live in the country with day-to-day changes. Enviroment, laws, prices, TV channels, values - all change constantly. It's very tiresome.

Second, the most news are bad news. I agree with Russian novelist Bulgakov's words "Never read newspapers before the breakfast". I think it relevants to all news in today life.

 I think that the most important news for our coworkers are news about their bosses and colleagues, not about projects and tasks. People love to have a good gossip, especially to discuss an unconfirmed rumour. Each company has the rumor spreaders, who spend a lot of time for talking in smoking-room. They could make the  problems for the company, but could be the helpers for CEO and HR department. And you should to use this strong and unusual instrument for constructing the corporate culture.

 Do you believe weather forecasters?

Some years ago I read the Jerome Klapka Jerome's novel about the weather forecast. He wrote how they waste the beautiful day, because they believed the weather forecast which predicted a storm with strong wind and heavy rain. As a result they stayed at home and saw at windows a sunny day without any clouds. 

Now, 100 years later, we have the similar situation with the forecasts. They are good in explaining, but they are still bad in predictions.

 It's interesting to read fairy stories from different countries. I think that this stories influence kids and, as a result, mould general impression about national characters. In Russia, our favourite hero is a lazy stupid man who does nothing. He finds himself in various difficult situations and solves the problems with his patient and kindness. But, i'm afraid, I couldn't see this sort of people around me. May be, the kids now read another books in Russia?

 My favourite music group is Procol Harum. This British rock band plays progressive rock and symphonic rock. The vocalist, Gary Brooker, has a very specific quality of a voice. They called it "sandy vocal". I think "Conquistador" is the best sing ever.

 We talked about professional skills and experience at today lesson. Some students say that good worker must be friendly, patient, hardworking person. I agree whith them, it's a peasure to work with such person, but I think most important is to be able to reach your goals and to have a good partnership with your colleagues. I've seen many unimpatient, lazy people who were the great workers and earned a lot of money for their companies. So I offer to separate comfortable workers and effective workers.