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Bienvenido a "I Love Japan"
Hi,everyone. Let's make it heartwarming communicative place. I would like to share tiny but nice thing in our daily life. You are always Welcome!!
Lenguage: Japanese
Miembros: 1444
Oficiales: samantha, taka (Administrator) y alisa

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 Hello guys i am Huskey from Surabaya,Indonesia :)

I am a cosplayer, also who love Japan stuff, I love manga and anime..
also the Japan's food, their lifestyle, travel, and anything else...
and that is my introduction, nice to meet you :) lets be friend and talk more at facebook.
Here my facebook: Huskey Key
here some my cosplay:

 Hello guys ! 

my name is Raghad , and i want to learn English and japaneese 

and i like to ask you some quastions :) 

I hope you will answer them 

Q1 ;  How many letters in this language ? i searched  about this but i found diffrent answers 

Q2; the japaneese language has 2 types the old language and the modren one ,is this true ? if  yes can you give me 2 examples ?  .



 hello Japanese, like a lot of Japanese culture, the cuisine, the polite and kind people, if you want to talk to me, can add me as a friend I accept, friends to improve the language, friends, contacts, meetings. I am very happy to know the Japanese. I admire them. thanks

 Hello everyone! My name is Joanne. I'm come from Taiwan. Nice to meet you! 

I really like Japanese culture and music! It's all wonderful! haha

Hello im Mahdi Ekrani from Iran. I also like japanese people and cultre so I have joined the group. Traveling abroad is the hardest thing to do for Iranian people beacause our money is a lot less valuable. I wish I could travel to Japan but...

i dont now how to chat with the people her

i read the massages but i cant anser



i need learn english

i need learn english

 Hello guys,

My name is Freddy and I'm from Brasil. I want so much to do some friends japanese to exchange knowledge, culture, informations, etc. My english level is basic. If someone here want be my friend please is just invite me. Bye.

 In Japan,it is getting cold.I must take care of myself.


(The person of other nationality also needs to consult)

・10:00~19:00 start
・About 1 hour ・Remuneration: 3000 yen

The contents of work:
You input an English word into a touch panel in Cursive.
Place: Akihabara.

Those who can participate in this survey need to
teach to us the time and date which can go by e-mail.

070-5585-3960 HOSONO
The company's home page is here.
Members-only website(overseaslink)

 Many laguages one meaning :D

If I have chance, I will have a visit in Japan. Actually, I'm full of curiosity and worship about Japanese culture.

I think the trip to Japan will be pleased and unforgettable.

 I love the japanese culture... I ♥ Japan

I have been there a year ago. I went to Nagoya, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Miyajima. It was amazing trip for me. 

I saw lots of temples, gardens, parks. I also went to museums. All places were amazing. Especially Tokyo Ghibli Museum and Kyoto Tezuka's museum. It's important to saw these museums because I love their animations and manga s. 

Actually I'm trying to come again. So that I'm trying to learn japanese, and seaching japanese culture. 

It's too enjoyful to discover new things about their culture. 



In the future, a car will change.
It is a vehicle. We use it for carrying.
It will become a home battery.
We do not need to buy energy from electronics power companies.
We get energy from cars.
Car will change our life.


Prime minister will change soon.
From when do we do as the other person’s opinion,
do we do only easy things?
We do not think about ourselves.


I went to Tokyo on business trip.
I like to see cloud and mountain from
Shinkansen  indows.
Because shape of cloud is always different.  
And the mountains donot change the shape.
We live among things that always change and
never change.


It is interesting to read a past sentence.
I am read the diary which I wrote three years ago.
What change my mind? In what part of things do I change?
Anyway, Recording is important, I think.
Reading the past diary, I can return to the past time like time machine.

Recently,I often see the English topics on the business magazines

in Japan.

Because some Japanese companies start to use English  as a

common language.

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