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¿Estas seguro que quieres eliminar el tema de discussion ...to be sympathetic ?
Por AGarcia8383 el 15-05-2015 23:13:23
...to be sympathetic

 It is not easy to be sympathetic and kind to all people all of the time .

But you can try to understand their point of view.

enter image description here

Por ECostaPereira3 el 03-07-2015 20:42:21
RE: ...to be sympathetic

In fact, one must know how to live with everyone, even if they are different ... We need to understand other people.

Por LSugiharto el 04-07-2015 14:01:35
RE: ...to be sympathetic

In my point of view, we need to understand what they really need. Sometimes people don't really understand what they really need, but we have to understand the trully necessity first. For example: the people said that they need money, but actually they need ability and support to get job and make money. So in this case, we can help them to improve their ability.

Por CJASSO35 el 09-07-2015 0:12:48
RE: RE: ...to be sympathetic
I agree with you. Sometimes people need to be listened and then one might understand their reasons to be as the way they are. However, we live in a very hectic life, than usually we don't bother for others only when we need something from them. Specially negative people is so difficult to help! :(
Por MGarcia8410 el 25-08-2015 22:24:04
RE: ...to be sympathetic
“Understanding of our fellow human beings...becomes fruitful only when it is sustained by sympathetic feelings in joy and sorrow.”
Por FLast52052 el 20-12-2015 5:56:00
RE: ...to be sympathetic
verily true! but a person should try to do that. Anyhow this sentence is very precious and it can change the whole life of a person.
Por FLast52052 el 20-12-2015 5:56:05
RE: ...to be sympathetic
verily true! but a person should try to do that. Anyhow this sentence is very precious and it can change the whole life of a person.
Por CfRITZJACQUES el 22-12-2015 13:48:19
RE: ...to be sympathetic
"What you are 'speaks' so loud, that I cannot hear what you're saying!" ;D
Por hweic196 el 29-12-2015 9:40:43
RE: ...to be sympathetic
Yes, I definitely agree this point. I mean that we should care more about others, not always ourselves.

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