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Por hsalamzaimar el 22-10-2015 3:26:12
Need host in Singapore, 31 Nov-2 Oct

Hi everyone, Im Aris From Sumatera Island-Indonesia, i have plan go to Singapore 31 Nov-2 Oct, i really happy if any someone want be host for me, we can sharing everything, i can sleep anywhere so dont worry if you just have 1 bedroom :), i can sleep on Sofa.

Please let me know, i really happy and appreciate

Por RA10424 el 22-10-2015 11:12:59
RE: Need host in Singapore, 31 Nov-2 Oct
It seems that you're funny and wonderful. I wish to be your host, but Singapore is quite far away from me. Hope find a host so soon, :)
Por hsalamzaimar el 23-10-2015 6:27:03
RE: RE: Need host in Singapore, 31 Nov-2 Oct
Thanks, i hope so