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Bienvenido a "Love Letters"
A corner of the web where you can chat about current dating trends, share your most romantic experiences and rant about your relationship woes.
Lenguage: English
Miembros: 4567
Oficiales: Lisa, Megan C (Administrator)

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¿Estas seguro que quieres eliminar el tema de discussion Hi guys...Im new here...?
Por amohammadie el 23-08-2015 5:57:30
Hi guys...Im new here...

im amineh...im 17...and im from iran...I hope to be good friends and have romantic friendship...

Por MACHINTHA el 24-08-2015 2:52:12
RE: Hi guys...Im new here...
Hi,Amineh...i would like to be your friend.i hope i can keep you happy...
Por amohammadie el 24-08-2015 4:34:12
RE: Hi guys...Im new here...
i hope to be good friend and have fun together...
Por hzhouc362 el 25-08-2015 19:30:45
RE: RE: Hi guys...Im new here...
Por hzhouc362 el 25-08-2015 19:30:52
RE: RE: Hi guys...Im new here...
Por hzhouc362 el 25-08-2015 19:30:53
RE: RE: Hi guys...Im new here...
Por hzhouc362 el 25-08-2015 19:30:54
RE: RE: Hi guys...Im new here...
Por jkhan138 el 10-10-2015 12:26:46
RE: RE: RE: Hi guys...Im new here...
Thanks Amineh but i like be honesty friend that person when like to all type of people because every body like well and nice person but they don,t like be the best also they like meet her/him lovely and dreamer person but they can,t be the better of hel/him mind they also like change every person as per her/him mind but they can,t do himself
Por IEnglish21 el 12-10-2015 11:22:02
English Interview!

Hello,Friends I´m looking for someone that have a Skype and time,just to practice English conversation. I´m going to do a English interviews in a Company and I need someone that have large experience to help me!! I hope to hear from you Hugs Issal

Por mman706 el 21-10-2015 6:53:08
RE: Hi guys...Im new here...
hi you are welcome
Por asiddig28 el 26-10-2015 10:21:45
RE: Hi guys...Im new here...
I hope to chat with friend
Por IIkku1 el 27-10-2015 2:30:20
RE: Hi guys...Im new here...

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